Posted by: aj218 | November 9, 2009

Mr. Heinz’s class

1) I liked this class because its really fun. We did a couple of small projects instead of a lot of small projects,  and we had  really cool teacher.  Mr. heinz also let us talk a lot

2) Nothing

3) so far my best project in this class was the comic strip. the comic strip was really fun and we got to make it funny. Also we did a blog . the blog is pretty cool because we could make it any way we wanted. we could add posts and pages or pics. we did a little paper on our review which was fun too. 

4) to do better in the class I could of probably not have talked as much  and pay attention more like I should be doing while  I’m typing right now.

Posted by: aj218 | September 28, 2009


Rods Grill

Im reviewing the Rods Grill hot dog place. Rods Grill is in Rhode Island ,and there is only one in the world. I think that Rods Grill sells the best hot dogs i’ve ever eaten. The best one they have is probably a regular hot dog with meat and cheese. They also have great cheesy fries. Rods grill is awesome cause u can watch the cook your food. I would give Rods grill two thumbs up pr five stars. Rods grill has great food like hot dogs, grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, fries, cheesy fries, many drinks and snacks. There is also free candy for kids, power ball and many more stuff. I would go there every day if I could and get every thing they have. Rods grill does not even cost that much money either.

Posted by: aj218 | September 15, 2009

Hello world!

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